The JOYCE project we worked on showcased our cross-disciplinary industry ability to reframe an age old industry conversation. The JOYCE team approached us and wanted us to realize an event where the leaders of design can come together and rethink the concept of “luxury”. While the JOYCE team had its own set of connections within the fashion industry, the 1+1 team drove an intentional curation by inviting a set of multidisciplinary design industry heavyweights to the Creative Salon. These included British fashion revivalist Christopher Kane, multimedia artist Elaine Ng, Former Intelligence Squared Group CEO Yana Peel, Former IDEO Managing Director / Fung Academy Chief Catalyst Richard Kelly, and Bloomberg Lead Anchor Angie Lau as moderator.

Objects of Desire: Fashion, Creation, and Innovation Reconsidered

These days brands loosely use the word 'luxury' when describing their proposition.
Amidst a landscape of instantaneous apparel, what does it mean to stand by the principle of thoughtful fashion?

As we negotiate the practicality and artistic purpose of fashion from its origins of craftsmanship, what does fashion mean to us today?

What are trends in technology and wearables that will affect the world of tomorrow?

And finally, purpose versus profit: how do we conscientiously design for the hearts and minds of our customers?