Go Game Overview

It is becoming increasingly recognized that technological innovation do not happen inside cubicles or factories. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Innovation Node Hong Kong is a pioneering initiative to connect talented innovators and influential academic programmes at MIT with the vast entrepreneurial potential in Asia, with Hong Kong as a launchpad. We were tasked by the MIT to formulate an sequence of events that develops concrete deliverables, such as creative thinking and collaborative skills through creative and immersive play. To challenge these academic highflyers into inventors, we constructed a customized version of the “Marshmallow Challenge” popularized by influential TED speaker and design thinker Tom Wujec. To add playfulness to the event, we also brought together a comedy unit to bring theatrical elements to the Go Game, disguising as a Pirate in Chungking Mansions. The Go Game invited participants to discover the minutiae of Hong Kong, thus showcased the potential of tailored Go Games in creating a set of unique skillsets in high-flying teams.