Go Game Overview

There is little doubt that the world is moving online, making digital consulting services a necessity for every business, from the multinational conglomerate to the rocket-fuelled startup. In 2016, PwC led the movement into digital consulting with its PwC Experience Centre, with Hong Kong set up as its regional headquarters. When PwC is looking for solutions to bring together creative, industry and business talent into collaborative teams, they were sure that the Go Game provided them with all the right answers. The Go Game provided a one-of-a-kind experience that synergises professionals from across a wide variety of disciplines through creative play.

We designed this Go Game so that it would lead teams weaving in the depths of Pak Tai Temple and discovering the supernatural past of Tai Lung Fung Bar. In one activity, we summoned the inner salesmen in the PwC team by tasking them to produce video of a sales pitch on the WanChai wet market. In another activity, we tasked these professionals to not be professional for a second and pose as celebrities photographed by paparazzi. These fun and hilarious activities bonded these teams and laid the groundwork for effective internal communication and creative cross-disciplinary invention.