For TEDx, we partnered with pioneering architectural design collective BLOOM, which engineered a state-of-the-art sculptural paraboloid that highlights the sporadic nature of the city. Sensors placed in the theatre enabled the lighting algorithm to react contextually with the audience in creative resonance with the theme of the event “Crossroads.”

Every individual entering the theatre produces a light flicker, a jolt in the movement, a disruption, translating the occupant directly into part of this abstract city grid.
— BLOOM works

Adept with working with professionals from across disciplines, we configured everything from lighting to stage movements. These experts included Technical Director Anna Robb and expert lighting designer Colin Chauche, who were part of the team behind the internationally-acclaimed House of Dancing Water production. Every fine detail was planned and executed with surgical precision, from figuring out the perfect spot to hang the slide screens to how the cameras were to be angled, to the exact measurements of where a circus performer would effortlessly drop from the ceiling on silk ribbons.