How does a global technology giant train its highest potential performers to harness the powers of persuasion through storytelling so that they can be more effective on internal teams and with external clients?

The brand of Google needs no introduction. When the company that pioneered and changed the ways we connect with the world reached out us to train their next generation of leaders, we turned our attention to the importance of storytelling and its interplay with captivating attention as part of an internal leadership training program.

Meeting the expectations of a brand known for its exceptional user experiences was no easy task. We invited one of the best entertainers in the industry, Jesko von den Steinen, to introduce the craft of storytelling. Having taught master classes alongside Philippe Gaulier, and Jean-Jacques Lemêtre of Théâtre du Soleil, he shared insights into the artistry of an actor that he has since applied in the context of global TEDx talks, the Inno Design Tech Expo, and AdAsia.