Hong Kong & TEDx

In the age of ubiquitous smartphones, everyone has a smartphone camera as sophisticated as the Hollywood filmmaking rigs of just a few generations past. Yet the craft of storytelling and capturing eliciting a brand journey is both an science and a honed art. For the incessant detail-minded creative, good enough just doesn’t cut it -- we crave even the most nuanced details in our brand positioning and storytelling. Like a well paired hors d'oeuvre, a delicately crafted promotional video whets the appetite of expectation.

To achieve this, we partner with some of the most unexpected talent and professionals in the industry, adding irreplaceable value to your events. For HK’s largest ever TEDx conference, we collaborated with Brandon Li,  an award-winning former MTV filmmaker and director behind the “Hong Kong Strong” whose videos have garnered over a million views online. Together we produced an exclusive event trailer viewed by over 200,000 people which explored the theme of “Crossroads” -- from local to global and from the old to the new, the narrative delved into conceptions of space and place and tease out notions of both an evolving Hong Kong but also ubiquitously connected international identity.


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