Go Game Overview

The 1plus1equals11 team came in with diverse skills ranging from team building to mindfulness... and helped us put together a fantastic offsite on Leadership skills.
— Rasika Saikia, SMB Program Manager at Google

Topping Forbes list for the best companies to work for in multiple years, Google has been consistently committed “to create the happiest, most productive workplace in the world”. True to its philosophy, Google contacted us to craft a Go Game that fuses creative play, inventive problem-solving and team-building in one single experience.

We took a diverse regional team of Google Business Associates from five different country offices and kicked off a 2 day program with mindfulness & happiness activities followed by an ‘electric fence’ & ‘life raft’ challenge before stepping into an interactive digital scavenger hunt that had teams interacting with secret actors while testing their wits through creative challenges that aligned with Google’s training goals of identifying and analysing the needs of customers and developing capacity to help others in their respective teams and makes contributions to activities outside core work.


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