How does a international investment bank best prepare its senior analysts and directors to be the most effective moderators of key panel discussions with global leaders?

The market has no shortage of speaker training courses on offer. However, many of them were taught in the traditional classroom and inundated by theories. When UBS reached out to us to create events that prepare their executives to moderate discussions at the UBS Greater China Conference, we took a different approach, emphasising practice complemented by theory.

1+1 leveraged our extensive industry connections to invite Angie Lau, a seasoned award-winning anchor for Bloomberg TV to coach this master class for UBS. Angie is well-known for her exclusive interviews with important figures such as billionaire Li Ka-Shing and BlackRock’s Larry Fink.

By the end of the session, participants had acquired an understanding of the skills needed to maintain audience's curiosity and had developed an awareness of themselves and the conversational flow on the stage. Participants were also able to receive concrete takeaways in the form of a preparation checklist that guides them through a variety of presentations or panel moderation.