How does a government which is confronting and aging demographic with a working age population in relative decline initiate an effective match-making program for its early career singles?

Or put more simply, how do you design the most anticipated Asian love cruise ever?

The typical Singaporean almost obsessively driven to succeed in their career. Yet, locked up in their cubicles so intently focused on advancing their professional lives, many are finding it hard to meet their potential soulmate. A combination of late marriages, low birth rate, and a general lack of dating prospects has arisen as a matter of significant longer-term concern to the Singaporean Social Development Network (SDN).

As the only non-Singaporean firm out of 10 we were invited by the SDN to submit a tender proposal for a pilot Singles Cruise Event. Beginning with ethnographic field research we identified the key pain points in the Singaporean singles dating scene and then structured an approach that considered how to position, market, and deliver such a pilot program.