Every company or individual has a story to tell.
We help you tell it through:

Your brand
The people we connect
And the content &  experiences we co-create

1PLUS1 is a pioneer Content & Design House. We bring the right people together at the right time and help you craft your story in the most powerful way possible.


Our Design Approach

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The Double Diamond process

Every event starts with understanding where your company is at and exploring the universe of possibility. We begin by asking the right questions. We help you ask the questions that are not being asked. This is ideation.

Then we begin to narrow the problem down. We help you build your story. From the bigger picture to the local context and tailored solution. This is where we help to define the problem.

Now we build. Not the full monty at first, but a few early versions. We work with you to explore potential solutions and test them against our assumptions. This may be series of designs and options that we then explore the feasibility. This is prototyping.

Finally, we test, test, test and execute. On time. On budget and with a seamless experience. This is the magic.



Our Team members

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Vincent Ng, CEO

1PLUS1, an experiential events production house. Think of us as a feast for hungry, insatiable minds with a very low tolerance for creative apathy. TED meets an experiential events designer. He is a graduate of Dartmouth College and has produced events ranging from one of Asia’s largest TEDx events with over 1100+ in attendance to events for clients including: Google, MIT, Li & Fung, JOYCE, AXA, and PwC.


Ralph Renouf, Chief Creative Director

Ralph Renouf is a video producer based in Hong Kong. Graduating from the University of Cambridge with first class honours in Engineering. He started his career with Rolls-Royce aerospace, then turned to banking spending 10 years with Merrill Lynch in global research. Drawing upon a career in technology, IT, finance and business he has developed a modern project pipeline to deliver high end documentary and corporate projects rich in content, graphics and animation.


Ada Sin, Service Designer

Ada Sin is an MFA candidate in Service Design at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). Her background is in Interactive Media Design at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She is interested in the ways various challenges can be approached through the application of service design and understanding service design as a glue that binds different elements to create an overall experience.